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Angry?…. Clinging to Guns and Religion? – D.W. Wilber – Page 1





Former Democratic presidential aspirant Howard Dean thinks that the Americans who have been going in droves to see the Clint Eastwood movie American Sniper are “angry”, apparently taking a page from the Barack Obama 2008 campaign when then candidate Obama said that Americans “cling to their religion and guns”.

Joined by Hollywood has-been Michael Moore who has ‘doubled-down on his previous comments calling military snipers “cowards”, it appears that the liberal left is becoming unhinged once again by the fact that politically America is predominantly a ‘center-right’ country who values our military heroes.

Indeed we do cling to our religion which guides us and gives us strength in times of need, and faced with the Obama Administration and its attempts to undermine the U.S. Constitution and force an extreme leftist liberal agenda down Americans throats, we also cling tightly to our guns. Our guns are one of the guarantees we have against the left’s attempts to completely abrogate our Constitutional protections.

In poll after poll Americans have revealed themselves to be politically centrist or conservative for the most part, and certainly not extreme leftists like Barack Obama or his flaming liberal Hollywood supporters like Michael Moore and Bill Maher.

Americans by and large prefer smaller government and less government intrusion into their lives. More than anything they just want to be left alone and allowed an opportunity to prosper. They don’t mind lending a hand to the less fortunate but they aren’t interested in watching their tax bills balloon in order to provide services for those who have made a career out of Welfare.

Hearing comments like that sends liberals into a full-throttled, foaming-at-the-mouth, stuttering, sputtering hyper-fit, since liberals LIVE to interfere with other people’s business. It gives them validation when they can totally screw up another person’s life.

The fact that American Sniper has been breaking all records should send a message to those in the film industry on the West Coast. Americans are tired of Hollywood’s one-sided, always negative portrayal of the American military. Americans want more balance and accuracy and less ideology and pontification from the left.

We don’t mind the truth being told, as sometimes the truth in war is ugly. But we want our military given the respect and courtesy they’ve earned by putting their lives on the line so that people like Michael Moore can continue to make films that will never come close to breaking American Sniper’s box office records.

via Angry?…. Clinging to Guns and Religion? – D.W. Wilber – Page 1.


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