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Yale grad students still fasting while College Republicans feast

((This “news” article is a great example of liberal news bias))


NEW HAVEN >> The smell of barbecue wasn’t enough to weaken the resolve Friday of eight Yale University graduate student teachers who have not eaten in days.

The students are protesting the university’s unwillingness to negotiate a contract with its recently formed union, Local 33 Unite Here, saying that the school, which is contesting the National Labor Relations Board ruling, is delaying to start the negotiations because they are hoping President Donald Trump will appoint anti-union members to the NLRB.

Friday, just feet away from the tent erected in Beinecke Plaza on Wall Street, where protesters have stayed for the past three days, the Yale College Republicans were serving up a meal of barbecued beef, baked beans and corn to its members and others in the Yale community.

“I’m not really focused on that,” said Local 33 chairman and city Alder Aaron Greenberg, D-8, who is a graduate student teacher and Ph.D. candidate in political science. “I’m focused on making sure we have lots of water, make sure I’m healthy. We have a check-in with our nurse this afternoon. We are focused on that.”

Representatives of the Yale College Republicans would not comment on their presence in Beinecke Plaza Friday afternoon. Immediately after a reporter requested comment, a Yale University police officer arrived to remove the media presence from the plaza.

In February, graduate student teachers voted to unionize, Greenberg said, but since then the university has refused to sit down with them to negotiate a contract. In a statement released Thursday, the university charges that the vote to unionize is suspect because only 228 of the university’s 2,600 doctoral students participated.

The National Labor Relations Board conducted elections in February in nine departments of the Graduate School for which Local 33 filed petitions. “Although there are 2,600 doctoral students in the Graduate School, only 228 students cast eligible votes in the nine academic departments in which elections were held,” the statement says. “The low vote count — under 9 percent — was due to Local 33’s ‘micro-unit strategy’ of holding nine separate union elections, and preventing students in the rest of the school’s departments from having a say on the question of unionization.”

The Graduate Student Assembly had previously passed a resolution opposing both Local 33 and its “micro-unit” approach, according to the statement. “Unions that have organized at other private universities, including Columbia, Harvard, Duke and Cornell, have all sought school-wide bargaining units — not the separate departmental units advocated by Local 33 at Yale.”

Because of that, the university has requested that the NLRB review the vote, according to the statement, and won’t negotiate with the students until the review is complete. But what they want to do is wait for Trump to appoint new members to the board before any action is taken, Greenberg says.

“The university administration, [university President Peter] Salovey personally, members of the Yale Corporation, top administrators, are personally deciding day after day that instead of negotiating with members of their own community, they are going to wait until Donald Trump appoints new members of the National Labor Relations Board and delay our case to push it to that board,” Greenberg said. “So day after day, President Salovey, top members of the Yale administration and members of the Yale Corporation are deciding to side with Donald Trump over members of their own community. I think that is unacceptable. I think that is despicable. They say we have to wait so we are waiting without eating.”

The last time the eight protesting students had anything to eat was Tuesday afternoon, Greenberg said, and will continue the fast until the university relents. “This is indefinite until we sit down to negotiate our contract,” he said.

The university also has threatened to remove them from the plaza, Greenberg said. “They have made it very clear they want to evict us, but we have no intention of leaving until the negotiations begin,” he said.

In the statement, the university says its greatest concern lies with the student’s health. “My primary concern is for the health and safety of our students. While I deeply respect their right to freedom of speech and expression, I urge our graduate students to reconsider this decision and to avoid actions that could be harmful to their well-being,” Salovey said in the statement.

“Yale as an institution is resolutely committed to freedom of speech and expression,” according to the statement. “The university continues to welcome an open, respectful, and robust discussion on the important issue of graduate teaching fellow unionization.”

A discussion won’t cut it, Greenberg said, and until negotiations begin, the students will continue to fast.

“Instead of telling us they want to evict us from this location, they should tell us that they’re willing to sit down and talk,” he said. “I’m happy to end the fast. I’m happy to end the fast with President Salovey and members of the administration. I’m happy to break bread with them, but I want to break bread with them over a negotiating table so we can begin the conversation that leads to us getting our contract and addressing the issues that have taken us year after year that led us to call for unionization, issues about secure pay, about equal pay, access to healthcare, access to childcare for parents and for our families. The Yale University administration and President Salovey are choosing to side with Donald Trump instead of us.”



Source: Yale grad students still fasting while College Republicans feast


Below is copy of comments from original article…
Has it occurred to any of these people that no one cares?

Funny part of the whole story was the comment from Salovey saying “Yale is an institution committed to free speech”. Really! I wonder what would happen if someone from the Trump administration or a conservative speaker was invited to speak on campus? Any odds on that speech actually taking place.

As to the story line, I could care less. When they are good and sick they all can trot down down to Ashmum St and get their free medical care.

Maybe they’re honoring the legacy of Bobby Sands. Oh, wait. You actually have to not eat to do that, not protest until you get hungry and then go stuff your face.

They are laugh out loud funny…especially Fearless Leader Greenberg.
PHD candidate? hilarious.

Aaron Greenberg should step down from his alder seat to let someone who’s dedicated to the city fill this role during these crucial times of budget recklessness by the Harp administration. No one cares that your speed dieting until you get hungry and then you want someone else to take your place. And no one cares that YLe doesn’t care either. They shouldn’t. Grow up you spoiled little kids.

“The university also has threatened to remove them from the plaza, Greenberg said. “They have made it very clear they want to evict us, but we have no intention of leaving until the negotiations begin,” he said.”

It’s Yale property. They already informed the squatters they were in violation of Yale rules. Give Greenberg and the others a prompt deadline and if they won’t leave, arrest them and charge them for the removal of the ‘tent.’
So, it’s Trumps fault that Greenberg’s nothing but a cry-baby loser who took an Alders seat in his, tony, Wooster Square neighborhood because no Republicans run in New Haven ?
Yale has Republicans?
I thought it was a hunger strike. That’s different than fasting.


Good catch. The key difference: in a hunger strike, you don’t eat until your demands are met (or you die) while fasts are temporary, 12 to 24 hours without food.
The Yale Republicans feast within sight of fasting graduate workers to torment and ridicule them? Touché. I remember after the Superbowl that some conservatives called for a boycott of Budweiser beer because they depicted the company’s founder in a sympathetic light as a downtrodden immigrant/refugee during a Superbowl LI commercial. Well, I joined their boycott by buying only Dos Equis and Corona. Does that make me a Republican too?
At least you’ve proven that all your brain cells haven’t been pickled.

You are the person who gets to use the term “DerTrumpfenfurher,right ?
Figures you would pick those beers.
Nothing wrong with either of those beers…
The intentional irony escapes you, doesn’t it.

Of course it does.

Fire up those grills people.
What’s the big deal? Several other outlets have reported the strikers are free to “take a break” and go get something to eat when the mood strikes…
I wouldn’t take them seriously until a couple of them need to be hospitalized in critical condition and still refuse to eat.
Love how the headline tries to paint the CRs as villains over a little nose-tweaking, while the spoiled crybabies mounting this “we’re not eating until our tummies hurt” strike are set up as noble heroes.

…And you say they baked those poor, defenseless beans? What monsters.

Keep it up, guys. We’ve explained what this will get you and already demonstrated it to you at the polls last November, but apparently you’re so much smarter than us flyover rubes that you don’t need to learn anything from all that.




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