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Girl sets out to show how intolerant feminists are, and is quickly proven right


High school junior Kerby Martin of Cypress, Texas, recently decided to do an experiment involving just how intolerant the third wave feminist movement can be, and the feminists were only more than happy to prove her correct.

According to Red Alert Politics, Martin had been working on a school paper that focused on the gender inequality myths pushed by the feminist movement, and specifically focused on how the movement divides people instead of unites them. To prove her claim, Martin tweeted  a photo of herself wearing a #Meninist T-shirt.

Almost immediately, the hate began pouring in. Martin reportedly received nearly 200 negative responses within minutes, and some of them hoping she received retaliation in the form of something as innocent as an egging to something as horrible as being raped.


Martin expected this kind of response by feminists and social justice warriors to a simple picture, as she admits that she was one just six months ago. She said she was forced to withdraw from the movement after she started doing research on social justice. Now, she actively works against them, and told Red Alert that she plans to continue on despite the threats.

“I’m trying to make a difference and bring facts and truth to my generation, and social media and our schools are no longer a true place for free speech and political incorrectness,” Martin said. “It’s just the beginning. I still have to write my essay, and I plan to continue this as far as I can to show how messed up the ‘tolerant left’ really is.”

Martin tweeted a response to the feminists that had attacked her, stating that as a female she is not at all oppressed in her country, and that feminism is turning a blind eye to the actual injustices suffered by women in countries that feminists will oddly not address.



Source: Girl sets out to show how intolerant feminists are, and is quickly proven right – TheBlaze


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