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Adlène Hicheur: Muslim Particle Physicist Haunted Again in Brazil by Media and Minister – Microfinance Monitor


Adlène Hicheur is another particle physicist with a research brain that can match any world scientist but his faith begs to differ.

An Algerian bropught up in a working class locality in Paris, Hicheur grew up to be an excellent atomic physics scientist and landed in Geneva-based CERN before being ridden to bed with hernia-related sickness that capitulated with the French police storming his parental home and hounding him to prison swearing never to let him return to physics research.
From 2009 to 2012, Hicheur had spent his prison term similar to Guantanamo days for those after the 9/11 attacks. When he was released, CERN was directed not to take him in again and he left for Brazil where the scientific community welcomed him with an open arm and faith in scientific temperament that rarely goes down the spines of over-anxious police and intelligence men anywhere in the world.

A victim of Islamophobia, Hicheur is being pushed to the wall and his reaction could be similar to that of a rebellious cat cornered in a room. Now that, Brazilian media, especially the magazine Epoca put him on its cover branding him a terrorist in Brazil, all hue and cry surpassed the little scientific temper left in Brazil.
Despite not hiding his past and jail term, Hicheur is once again facing a media trial that is keen to hound him out of the country in the name of terror threat from him.
But journalist Shobhan Saxena, who had interviewed him to bring out the real story in his despatch to “The Wire“, said: “The report, besides rehashing details of the 2009 case – widely reported in the western media seven years ago – claimed that the French-Algerian scientist was being investigated by the Brazilian Federal Police (PF).”
Tracing back to 2009 trial in France that was half-baked based on purported e-mail and chat-room discussions with one unidentified man who later the police claimed was an al-Qaeda link. Unknowingly, the physics brain landed in soup that was brewed by the French police to satisfy its political heads, especially then president Sarkozy, who wanted to showcase the trial and trigger Islamophobia in the country to win the elections, which he lost later.
The entire saga of Hicheur, 39, is that of a haunted Muslim scientist who was branded terrorist, imprisoned despite his falling health and driven out of research facilities speak for the tragedy of a human-terror that repeatedly repeats itself. Cornered to the wall, the same Islamophobia will drive him to knock at the door of any Islamic country or even North Korea to welcome him and prepare the next best hydrogen bomb. Will the Christian faith take responsibility for this?
It is high time France gets out of its Islamophobia and Brazil to relegate its over-hyped media to reason. But what is unnerving is when all these haunted scientists really join the bad hands to revenge humiliation they received. Scary but all those who persecute innocents will have to re-think now! Despite disbelief, Islamophobia is bringing to reality what Samuel Huntington predicted about the imminent Civilizational War between Muslims and Christians.

Source: Adlène Hicheur: Muslim Particle Physicist Haunted Again in Brazil by Media and Minister – Microfinance Monitor

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