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N.D.C’s subtle war against Christians and Christianity!




The N.D.C since its inception has waged cruel act of war against Christianity and Christians in general. This they have done in order to score votes among the Muslim fraternity. The campaign of lies and vilification of Christians and Christian leaders has reached its crescendo under President Mahama. Never in the history of this country has there been so much division between Christians and Muslims, through the instigation of John Mahama just to score cheap political points. Some few examples will suffice.

Just when Mahama assumed position as President of Ghana, he issued a fatwa against Christian schools to stop ‘forcing’ Muslim students into worship. He ferociously threatened to punish mission school heads if they dare flout his order. This threat and unnecessary smear campaign against Mission schools embolden some Muslims in Takoradi to embark on violent demonstration to force mission schools to allow their women to wear hijab in their classrooms. This was followed by a highly disrespectful letter from the Minister of Communication Edward Omane Boamah to school mission heads to either comply with the directive from President Mahama or get sacked!

As usual, this brought considerable tension among Christians and Muslims during which war of words was traded between these two groups who have existed peacefully. Mahama as usual sat back to enjoy the conflagration he has created between the two groups.

Another example is when the Presby Church issued a press communiqué which criticized the government on some of its policy directions. This aroused N.D.C apparatchiks like Kojo Twum Boafo to issue an insulting letter to the Presby Church and subsequently resigned from the church. Several communicators of the N.D.C then proceeded to rain damaging insults on the Presby Church with threats issued against their places of worship. This is not all. One Pastor who has suffered damaging insults from N.D.C hounds is Pastor Mensah Otabil of the International Central Gospel Church. This faithful priest has had the occasion to condemn some of the policies of the N.D.C government. This has never gone down well with the N.D.C . Spokespersons for the party have consistently unleashed torrents of insults on Pastor Otabil and have threatened him on few occasions.

The attacks against Christians have been notched higher with the unpopular decision of government to bring in two detainees from the Guantanamo bay. The Christian council issued a statement, echoing the fear of Ghanaians regarding the presence of these detainees and urged government to send them back. This obviously riled Mahama who during a press conference accused Christian leaders of lacking compassion. This suddenly opened the floodgates for N.D.C sympathizers to start denigrating Christian leaders. First on the list was the Spokesperson for the National Chief Imam who rained insults on Christian leaders by accusing them of being xenophonic and un-christian. Then the mother of all attacks came from foul mouth Koku Anyidoho who accused the clergy of being stupid, satanic and lacking common sense.

Why has the N.D.C government deliberately sought to antagonize Christians and promote anti-christian rhetoric? We all know that Ghana applied to become a member of OIS, which is Organization of Islamic States despite Ghana having a majority Christian population. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specifically asked President Mahama to apply for membership of this exclusive Islamic group. One of the conditions for admission into this group is the Islamization of the country. Mahama, with his sight on oil money from the gulf countries has deliberately pursued policies that upholds the Islamic faith and denigrates Christianity. Popular N.D.C figures like Hannah Tetteh, Koku Anyidoho, Alex Segbefia etc have been captured on camera wearing Islamic robes and professing sympathy to the Muslim faith. So for Mahama to access OIS money, he must either Islamize the country or appear actively to be suppressing Christianity.

Why has Christian leaders kept quiet in the face of such blatant persecution from the N.D.C against them?? Why is there no popular protest and street action against the denigration of Christianity by N.D.C bigwigs?? The answer lies in the selfish interest of our Christian leaders! When Muslim Youths attacked and burned down the SDA mission house because of a dispute over land in Atebubu, there was no word of condemnation from the various Christian association we have in the country. It seems the SDA was left alone to fight its own battle. No wonder they capitulated in fear when they ceded the disputed land to the Muslims despite the land belonging to them. Another example is when Muslim Youth attacked the palace of Togbega Gabusu, ransacked it and burned his cars. Again, there was no word of condemnation from the Christian council. The Gbis despite being overwhelmingly Christians were left to their own faith. It took the bravery of surrounding Gbi communities to rally to the defense of their King and drive the Muslims away.

Christian leaders are only interested in big tithe and offering from their Church members. They are interested in riding in big cars, living in mansions than protecting their members from the attacks of the N.D.C and other bellicose Muslim groups. Ghana is peaceful simply because Christians have not reacted to the provocations of John Mahama and his Islamic cabal. History has taught us that Christians are not cowards. When Christians decide to respond to the provocations from N.D.C bigwigs that will be the end of the country!! We are tired of the provocation and insults from the N.D.C!! A word to the wise…………….



The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is a social democratic political party in Ghana, founded by Jerry John Rawlings, who was Head of State of Ghana from 1981 to 1993 – Wikipedia Link


| Feature Article 2016-01-18

Source: N.D.C’s subtle war against Christians and Christianity! | Feature Article 2016-01-18

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