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SF Chronicle Columnist: Dems Want to Destroy NRA More Than Islamic State – Breitbart


On December 8, the San Francisco Chronicle published a column in which syndicated columnist Ruben Navarette Jr. suggested Democrats are more motivated to destroy the NRA than to wipe out ISIS.

Navarette’s column opened with optimism, only to be drowning in pessimism by the end of paragraph three. Here are the first three paragraphs:

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, I lamented that Americans were not a serious people even though these are — all over the world — very serious times.

You could almost give our countrymen the benefit of the doubt because the atrocity occurred so far away. A sentiment you heard often was that Americans ought to let the French respond since it was their country that was attacked. Surely, if Americans were attacked at home, we’d all get serious in a hurry.

Now, after seeing the public’s response to a terrorist attack in San Bernardino that killed 14 people and left 21 injured, I’m sorry to report that Americans are no more serious about how to respond to a tragedy that occurs in their backyard than they are to one that happens overseas.

He succinctly observed:

When someone spills the blood of their comrades on their soil, people in other countries gain resolve. Americans lose focus.

While others might change strategy, we change the subject. We’re distracted and disinterested. We’re trapped in our narcissistic bubbles where we keep up with the Kardashians, play fantasy football, and await the new “Star Wars” movie.

Navarette then turned to the White House response and sarcastically described the gun control push that followed news that the San Bernardino attack was terror-related. Navarette wrote:

A discussion on guns is just what we need to keep our families safe. Because when a terrorist travels thousands of miles to advance a murderous agenda that was many centuries in the making, nothing stops him quicker than well-written gun control legislation. Does anybody really believe that?

Then he got down to the heart of the matter:

Democrats appear more motivated to destroy the NRA than they are to wipe out the Islamic State. [And] this probably has a lot to do with which entity spends more at election time to defeat them.



Source: SF Chronicle Columnist: Dems Want to Destroy NRA More Than Islamic State – Breitbart


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