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DiCaprio Now Officially a Joke in Canada: Confuses Chinook Wind with Climate Change


Leonardo DiCaprio has spoken movingly about how he witnessed at first hand the horrors of climate change during the making of his Oscar-tipped movie The Revenant.

Most of the wintry revenge Western — in which DiCaprio’s character is also nearly raped to death by a female bear — was filmed on location in Alberta, Canada. But a dire shortage of snow meant that some of the scenes had to be shot in Argentina instead.

This was definitely a dread harbinger of climate change, DiCaprio has been telling audiences:

“We were in Calgary and the locals were saying, ‘This has never happened in our province, ever,’” he said to the largely guild and Academy audience. “We would come and there would be eight feet of snow, and then all of a sudden a warm gust of wind would come.”

Elsewhere he has claimed:

Turbulent and disruptive weather events are happening all over the world and are causing irreparable damage. 2015 has literally become the tipping point for climatic instability and it’s incredibly scary.

Scary indeed. There’s only one problem with DiCaprio’s thesis — and already it’s causing Canadians to laugh their socks off.

These unprecedented weather conditions in which sudden warm gusts of winds blew away the snow: they’ve been happening year in year out in southern Alberta since the dawn of time. There’s nothing weird or abnormal about them at all. They’re seasonal hot winds called the Chinook.

As the Calgary Sun notes:

It would be hilarious, if the star of The Revenant wasn’t also the head of a multimillion-dollar environmental lobby group, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and a producer of documentaries on climate change.

It adds:

If DiCaprio really got his chinook misinformation from a local, the actor should be furious.

He’s been duped into looking like a dim-wit, pure and simple.

Even DiCaprio’s normally sympathetic audience at the HuffPost cannot contain their glee, with commenters writing:

Leo, stick to making movies. You suck at this climate change thing. If you were to have spoken to an actual local as opposed to whatever yes man you asked, they would have told you it was a Chinook. A well known weather phenomenon here in Alberta.

A perfect example to prove why actors etc are not the best spokesman for anything, it also goes to prove most actors who represent themselves as champions of the environment and have the id of their shoe size, imperial.

oh poor thing , not enough snow. The locals who told him that it has never happened before must have been implants – what a crock this “actor” is. and can you imagine – in the spring there being lack of snow. Do these fools know what seasons are about. And seasons I read have been happening for – well – say – a couple thousand years maybe.


Source: DiCaprio Now Officially a Joke in Canada: Confuses Chinook Wind with Climate Change


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