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‘March for Marriage’ opens week of prayer, protest over gay marriage |




A “March for Marriage” Saturday begins a week of protest and prayer to influence how the Supreme Court will rule on whether states can ban same sex marriage.

Thousands were gathering on the Mall and plan to march to the Supreme Court, which will hear oral arguments on the case Thursday.

“The gathering has begun,” tweeted the National Organization for Marriage which organized the march.

Meanwhile, a line outside the court has already formed for those interested in observing the arguments.

The march comes as at least 145,000 pastors, many with enormous followings, several Evangelical and pro-marriage groups and Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz kick of a week of prayer on the issue.

While an easy decision for groups opposed to gay marriage, the issue is potentially divisive for politicians but Cruz has gone all in encouraging the 100,000-pastor network formed by evangelical political activist David Lane to lead the nation in prayer. This week he also introduced legislation to protect states that ban gay marriage. Cruz also used a mini-controversy over saying he would love his daughters if one was gay to explain what unconditional love means to him.

“Sen. Cruz has been the most forward leaning in defense of marriage,” said his presidential campaign spokesman Rick Tyler. “He has not shied away from social issues and despite conventional wisdom, it will help him in his campaign not hurt him,” he added.

In his letter to the 100,000 pastors, Cruz wrote, “Will we be on the right side of history, the side occupied by the Author of history? Will we discard an institution, ordained by God, which has brought so much stability and happiness to the human family?”

He added: “Rightly or wrongly, the Supreme Court will take a stand on marriage this summer. Let’s take ours now.” Other potential candidates including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal are also strong supporters of traditional marriage.


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‘March for Marriage’ opens week of prayer, protest over gay marriage |

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