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Turns out, Americans don’t believe what Scientists know – SlashGear




Science may be all about quantifiable facts rather than beliefs, but the gulf between what scientists think and what the US public at large believes true is shockingly wide, new research suggests. Although scientific endeavor is rated highly by the general public, some of the conclusions involved are less accepted, with climate change, genetically-modified foods, and childhood vaccinations all not only hot topics but areas where opinions diverge considerably. That opens up a tricky can of worms, researchers at Pew warn, where future studies could be at risk because they can’t communicate their potential worth successfully with the general public and policymakers.

“There is a broad public support for government investment in scientific research,” the team at the Pew Research Center says, with 61-percent of the roughly 2,000 people surveyed saying official cash should be funneled into science.

However, just because they believe it should be funded, doesn’t mean that public will necessarily understand the conclusions of such research. For instance, in GM foods, 57-percent of the public surveyed said they believed it was unsafe to eat; in contrast, 88-percent of the roughly 2,000 scientists working in America that Pew talked to said they would eat GM foods.

The disparity continues in climate change, too. Only half of those Americans surveyed thought human activity was the key contributor to global warming, whereas 68-percent of scientists think that way.


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