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Christianity Grows Rapidly In China–Despite Communist Party






Christianity in China has been growing rapidly­ despite a regime that is increasingly hostile to

the church.

According to one estimate, China will become the world’s largest Christian nation by 2030 if it

continues its current growth rate.

Evangelical Protestantism in particular has been growing rapidly among the Christian sects.

The church in China is divided into two main groups­ the house churches and the official

church. More than half of Chinese Protestants attend illegal house churches.

In the last year, Chinese authorities have increasingly been attacking and even destroying

Christian churches in the country.

Terence Halliday, a director of the Center for Law and Globalization in Chicago who has

worked in China, says:

There’s an enormous struggle across China brought by the rise of worshipers

that seem to really believe. Christianity now makes up the largest single civil

society grouping in China. The party sees that.

The Chinese once considered Christianity something for older female peasants; but now, it

increasingly includes the young and the educated.

Orville Schell, the Arthur Ross Director of the Center on US­China Relations at the Asia

Society in New York, talks about the growing spiritual search among the Chinese

people: “Everyone is groping and grasping. People are turning to Buddhism, Christianity,

self­help, and Taoism. CEOs and billionaires run around with their spiritual masters and visit

meditation rooms.”

Last year in Hangzhou, China, a massive cross on an official church was torn down by

authorities. The authorities removed the cross with a crane–but not before church members

surrounded the building and chanted “cross, cross, cross,” hoping to stop the belligerent


Many Christians are scared of the government. In China you rely on the

government for jobs, position, for money. Families and relatives are affected.


Dissidents don’t get promotion or advancement



Christianity Grows Rapidly In China–Despite Communist Party.

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