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An American New Year’s Resolution






As the New Year begins, it behooves those who love America to embrace a new resolve, a resolve to once again proclaim their love of their land and their determination to defeat those within its borders seeking to destroy it.

The chief philosophical strategy of those who desire America’s destruction is to engender shame in Americans for their heritage. The singular contradiction of their attack lies in the fact that they have no shame themselves.

Witness the lack of shame of a president who routinely implies that the country he was elected to lead harbors a pervasive racism, a president who has publicly apologized for American actions to nations not worthy of shining America’s shoes, a president who has championed legal acts that endanger the Judeo-Christian ethic while ignoring the fundamental contribution of that ethic to the laws binding the nation together, a president who has, in his career, exhibited no shame as he contributed to the continued genocide against the unborn children of the land.

Witness the lack of shame of a former Secretary of State who famously replied, “What difference does it make?” when questioned about the events leading to the massacre of four Americans, a woman who made clear her contempt for the nuclear family by saying approvingly of Great Britain, “There’s just more of a recognition that the entire society has a stake in making sure parents do as good a job as they can.”

Witness the lack of shame of a university system that spares no effort to demean the United States while force-feeding Marxism and leftism down its students’ throats.

Witness the lack of shame of a media hell-bent on leading the way to hedonism run rampant, and a secular atheism that has left a society unwilling to accept culpability for the consequences of its actions.

Witness the lack of shame of supposed conservative elites who believe their cozy relations with those who seek America’s destruction will enable them to prosper while the bedrock of America’s founding principles suffers attack after attack.

All of the actors who champion the shaming of America without any shame over their own actions may think that a passive America will not fight back.

They are wrong.

We who love America and honor it as the protector of the innocent, whether here or abroad, are willing to fight until we emerge victorious over those who refuse to recognize the greatness of the most important country on the planet.

To that end, we resolve:

To unite behind a presidential candidate who unashamedly extols the virtue of Americanism, and will not consort with those who mock traditional American values in order to achieve his or her own personal ambition;

To compile a comprehensive list of universities that teach American pride and the morality of capitalism instead of the tenets of Marxist thought, then encourage donors to withdraw their support from universities that do not and transfer their hard-earned funds to America-proud institutions;

To launch a Great Re-Awakening of a muscular Judeo-Christianity to counter the secular atheism and hedonism that threatens the fabric and future of the society in which we live;

To teach our children to manifest enormous pride that they are Americans, and thus heir to the traditions of the most unselfish, altruistic nation the world has ever known.

Thus we are resolved, and in this matter we will maintain constant vigil, so help us God.

via An American New Year’s Resolution.


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