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‘Fight Church:’ Does modern Christianity feminize guys? | Fox News



“As Christians, there are times where you take shots, that’s when the bible gives you your training,” Paul Burress says to a large congregation. “I get all the time that I don’t look like the typical pastor and that’s okay. There is a verse in the bible that says be weary if all men speak well of you.”

Meet the pastors who punch.

New York-based Paul Burress is at the forefront of Daniel Junge and Bryan Storkel’s new documentary “Fight Church” which sheds light on a growing number of American pastors participating in pastor versus pastor MMA-style fights across the country.

“When we set out to make the film, we were focusing on one character – Paul,” Storkel told FOX411. “We thought that he was anomaly…surely this couldn’t be happening in other churches as well. But as [we] dove deeper into the topic, other fighting pastors started to pop up around the country.”

There is now an estimated 700 churches in the United States that have some form of Martial Arts ministry.

“Fight Church” goes on to explore such notions that “tough guys need Jesus too,” and that mainstream, modern Christianity has a tendency to “feminize” males rather than raising “our boys to men” – a message several of the film subjects seek to convey.

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