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Graphene Paint could guard metal from rust


The surface of graphene can be joined to oxygen to form graphene oxide. Graphene oxide is a type of graphene which could have a considerable effect on the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. It can work as an amazing paint since it provides an ultra strong, non-corrosive coating for an extensive series of industrial application.

Graphene oxide can be utilized to paint numerous things such as glass, metals, bricks etc. The thermal and chemical stability of the coating acts like a graphite after going through a simple process.

Dr. Rahul Nair and Sir Andre Geim managed a team which showed earlier that more than one layer films of graphene oxide are vacuum tight in dry condition. However, if it is uncovered it water or water vapors then it behave like a molecular sieves. These molecular strainer permit small molecules to pass below a particular size. This discovery could have a vast implication on for the sanitization of water.

The configuration of oxide films creates this distinct property since it is composed of millions of tiny packed flakes. These flakes are piled on top of each other excluding the nano-sized capillaries between them. Water molecules along with other atoms and molecules prefer to be within these nanocappillaries.

The study is printed in Nature Communication. The researchers of University of Manchester demonstrate that a chemical treatment can forcefully close those nanocappilaries. This process turns graphene films mechanically stronger and makes it resistant to things like gas, liquid and other chemicals. For instance, the researchers reveal that glassware or copper plates wrapped with graphene paint can be utilized as containers for some really strong acids.

This extraordinary property of graphene paint has already drawn attention of several companies. These firms are now working with The University of Manchester for the production of novel protective and anticorrosion coatings.

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