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Iraq & Vietnam: Democrats Lose Won Wars; Holocaust to Follow

The video above is Barack Obama in December of 2011 declaring the mission in Iraq accomplished — in his words, a “success.” According to the president, we were leaving behind an Iraq that was “stable and self-reliant.”

Except we weren’t, and Obama knew it and so did anyone else paying attention.

Oh, the war in Iraq was won, but it wouldn’t stay won without an American presence.

Regardless, the President bugged out of Iraq without an all-important status of forces agreement. In other words, like the stabilizing troops we still have in Japan, Germany, and South Korea — we left no one in Iraq.

The results in Iraq have already been catastrophic. But if Obama, the Democrats, and media stay true to their obvious desire to have Iraq go down in the loss column for America, these days will be remembered as the good ole’ days.

Thanks to Obama’s highly dangerous combination for ambition and ignorance, ISIS is now a terrorist nation-state within Iraq (and part of Syria) with a standing army, a command and control infrastructure, control of a 600-mile front in the North, and a half-billion dollars.  It gets worse…

With only his re-election in mind, Obama fled Iraq before the country was ready, and as a consequence, when ISIS attacked, the Iraqis dropped and left behind weapons, many of which are American-made.

These American-made weapons could very well make the difference for the savage barbarians looking to wipe out Iraq’s Kurds, the most pro-Western/pro-American part of the country and region.

Iraq was won. All we had to do was leave behind an American force that would continue to mentor and hold the Iraqi army together, and work as a deterrent against terrorist adventurism.

Obama and his media minions blame the Iraqis for the failure of the status of forces agreement, but it was Obama who didn’t want the deal and only made a symbolic push to win a deal. Before Iraq started falling apart, Obama continually bragged that the decision to pull all our troops from Iraq was his decision — the keeping of a campaign promise.

Had the American President wanted American troops to remain in Iraq, no reasonable person believes this would not have been the outcome.

The fact is that it was Obama who ensured the premature pulling of our troops, because this is what Democrats do…

Democrats lose won wars.

Vietnam was won.


Your history teachers and professors don’t tell you this; nor do media documentaries. But the Vietnam War was won and America won it.

In early 1973, North Vietnam and the Viet Cong knew they were defeated, came to the Paris Peace Accords, and agreed to end their aggression against our allies in the sovereign and free nation of South Vietnam.

With the war won, America pulled our troops. In order to keep the peace, we had to only agree to supply our allies in the South with any military hardware they would need should the North Vietnamese attempt to again invade the South.

The Vietnam War was won… until Democrats chose to intentionally lose it.

In November of 1974, three months after Nixon resigned in disgrace, Democrats won a landslide in the mid-term elections. The new Democrat majority in Congress de-funded our promised military aid to South Vietnam, and the Viet Cong made their move. Without American aid, the South Vietnamese were doomed.

Then-President Gerald Ford literally begged Congress to restore funding. By this time things had deteriorated to a point where the South would have also required American airstrikes to hold on.

Democrats adamantly refused funding, making the airstrikes futile.

Within a year, South Vietnam surrendered to the communist North.

America’s indifference also assured that the dominoes of Cambodia and Laos fell, and the holocaust known as the Killing Fields began. Before it was over, two to five million innocents were butchered — all because Democrats were determined to lose a war that had already been won and which could have stayed won with nothing more than a very small financial commitment and limited airstrikes.

There’s no reason South Vietnam could not have maintained its sovereignty just as South Korea has for over a half-century … except that Democrats wanted Vietnam lost because saying “I told you so” is far more important to Democrats than the lives of a few million brown people.

Obama, Democrats, and the media have all been pushing for the same result in Iraq.

The only difference is that a Communist South Vietnam was never a threat to America.

The terrorist nation-state of ISIS, or whatever they call it, is America’s worst nightmare realized.

Obama describes ISIS as “junior varsity.”

Obama is a liar.

via Iraq & Vietnam: Democrats Lose Won Wars; Holocaust to Follow.


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