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One of the ‘Important People’ | Washington Free Beacon

This is what happens when a reporter tries to make an OBGYN appointment with Eric Holder’s wife

I was told the OBGYN practice where the wives of two prominent Democrats are partners reserves its morning appointments for “important people.” It was an intriguing claim, especially given the fact that Foxhall OB/GYN Associates does not accept Medicaid even as the office is being used as a prop in a Democrat’s congressional campaign.

I decided to investigate. Could I get a morning appointment? Was I one of the “important people”?

After an awkward 15-minute conversation with the office manager, it turned out I was—though only after she realized the story I was writing might not reflect well upon the practice. It also helped that I am not enrolled in Medicaid, because Spring Valley, the upper northwest D.C. suburb where Foxhall resides, does not, I was told, have the “demographics for it.”


John Foust has made his wife the face of his campaign for Virginia’s 10th District. Dr. Marilyn Jerome is an OBGYN, who practices alongside Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife at Foxhall.

Dr. Jerome claims that her husband is a better candidate because he will never get between a woman and her doctor. “As an OBGYN,” Foust attacks his Republican opponent Barbara Comstock for opposing Medicaid expansion. Failure to expand Medicaid to rural hospitals could be “devastating,” he says.

Dr. Jerome has also written in support of the Affordable Care Act on the Foxhall website, citing the Medicaid expansion as beneficial to low-income women.

“For over 30 years, John’s wife, Dr. Marilyn Jerome has practiced obstetrics and gynecology with Foxhall Ob-Gyn, a practice dedicated to providing compassionate reproductive healthcare for women in NW Washington, D.C., and the surrounding communities,” Foust’s campaign website reads.

It turns out, however, that not all women can receive “compassionate reproductive healthcare” from Foxhall. The practice doesn’t accept Medicaid.

That fact seemed noteworthy. I wrote a story for the Washington Free Beacon highlighting how, in public, Dr. Jerome is preaching the Affordable Care Act and praising the Medicaid expansion while, in her practice, she doesn’t accept it.

The next day, a former patient of Eric Holder’s wife, Dr. Sharon Malone, reached out to me with another interesting detail about Foxhall. The woman claimed she was a patient for 15 years, and always wondered why she could never get a morning appointment. It seemed worth an interview.

“Finally, in one of the last years I said, ‘Why? Why can I never get a morning appointment? You say they’re all taken,’” the woman said, relaying a conversation she’d had with a receptionist at Foxhall several years ago. “When do I need to call to get one?’”

“She said, ‘Those are reserved for important people.’”

Is Foxhall an “elitist” practice, as the woman claimed? I decided to call myself to make an early morning appointment.

“Who’s your doctor?” the receptionist asked me when I called last week.

“I’ve never been, I’m a new patient,” I said.

“Oh, new patients can’t get in before 10 A.M.,” the woman said. Besides, they didn’t have any openings until late August or September.

via One of the ‘Important People’ | Washington Free Beacon.

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